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Useless Generated Content: Panel Discussion At “Multimedia Meets Radio”

Useless Generated Content: Panel Discussion At “Multimedia Meets Radio”

The endless - and useless - war between legacy news publishers and the tech ... Digital technology came along, upending the choice process, and created a new ... Content producers are meeting this trend head-on, more or less, by forming ... Gather together any group of media luminaries these days and money is the first.... This is Pointless Pacman V1c, which is a 2D Pacman clone with a unique twist ... DAT will be created together the eboot, it will created in the same folder of the eboot ... With nice new graphics, layout and content this needs to be on your PSP! ... keynote panel for the European Broadcasting Union's Multimedia Meets Radio.... The EBU Yearbook is also available on the website under ... of content within and across platforms, especially in ... block year ushered in by the terrible tsunami in ... In February. 2005, the Music Programme Group ... The Multimedia Meets Radio annual conference ... offs have been generated from the property.... By Adam Bowie on March 30, 2009 1:24 PM | Permalinkage ... Not terrible, but just OK. ... Would I Lie To You on TV, it's another Monday night comedy panel game. ... I was invited to present at the EBU conference Multimedia Meets Radio conference in Prague. ... The whole of Radio 3 is from user generated content.. technologies offer a useful supporting role in engaging with and building audiences. We can also see ... new generation of radio lovers who instinctively expect access to content on its own terms ... The group identified trends in the development of radio as: ... Multimedia Meets Radio conference, Prague, 5-6 April. Toffler, A.... Scott Karp on Cragslist: "Sex-related content has lead every technological revolution in media. ... More useful stuff on Twitter - trials job alerts. ... generated by many media corporations from using freelance copy on their websites." ... Multimedia Meets Radio: Why Kate Adie hates blogs.. Ashley Stewart-Noble is Senior Content Producer, BBC Online, BBC Future Media & Technology ... It should also enable us to begin generating really useful contextual ... Farah Famy is Development Producer, TV Platforms group, BBC ... his thoughts on the 'Multimedia Meets Radio' conference in Prague.


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