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Have A Close Look At Toshiba KIRAbook

Have A Close Look At Toshiba KIRAbook

The Toshiba Kirabook is about as direct a frontal assault as a ... In fact, it's pretty easy to mistake the Kirabook for a 13-inch MacBook Air when you first look at it, or even when you first pick it up. ... The reason the Kirabook can still have a 13.3-inch screen is that ... Close up of cords plugged into power strip.... Gallery: Toshiba Kirabook L93 hands-on | 16 Photos. 16 ... For now, take a look at our hands-on gallery to get a closer look at the laptop's many.... In-depth review of the Toshiba KIRA-10D (Intel Core i7 5500U, Intel HD Graphics 5500, 13.3", ... We will have a closer look at the results shortly.. Intel's Haswell CPUs have been good to Ultrabook makers. Use them, and you get an ... Specs at a glance: Toshiba Kirabook (Haswell). Screen, 25601440 at.... Toshiba is known for its good design and affordable price, its trying something new its ... Let's get this out of the way: the Kirabook is expensive. ... If you add up the retail value of all that software, you're getting a bargain.. If it ain't broke don't fix it must have been the phrase of the day when Toshiba's engineers ... A close up of the backlit keyboard and touchpad.. Toshiba has an image problem, to be sure, and the executives in Tokyo know it. ... experience, well, the arrival of the Kirabook won't do you much good. ... Movies look fantastic, colors are vibrant and the 220-ppi screen is.... Toshiba's SSD and healthy 8GB of RAM keep the KIRAbook running very ... The magnesium alloy that Toshiba is using also tragically doesn't look that ... I also have a hard time recommending any model of the KIRAbook but.... My work laptop for the last 3 years has been a modified HP EliteBook 8740w. ... We ordered in some Toshiba KIRAbooks, Toshiba's premium ... Good keyboard. ... I'll write up a bit more when I have had time to work with it.. Is it hard for PC maker to produce a slim, touch-screen laptop with an aluminum body running an Intel Core i5 CPU and a 128GB SSD?. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i5 ... Secondly, just a few weeks later lines started showing up within the screen that ... It's shame, because previously I had a good experience with Toshiba and.... While other manufacturers have raced to the bottom and to the lowest common ... Toshiba's so close here, but I still much prefer the look of the.... The Good: The display is both vibrant and sharp; Displays near true black (meaning it has enough contrast for black to look black and not.... The standout feature of the Toshiba Kirabook is the 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) display which comes standard in all models and is branded by Toshiba as being a "PixelPure" panel; in actual fact it's just an LED-backlit LCD display. ... An extremely close look at the Kirabook display.. In about forty-five minutes, I should have been watching a little more carefully. ... alone in his apartment in Stuttgart, Arno closed the lid of his Toshiba Kirabook ... One could see that philately was clearly a passion, if they chose to look into his.... Over the last month, I have had the privilege of taking the Toshiba ... and very stylish laptop, look no further than the Toshiba KIRAbook. This is.... Toshiba's New KIRAbook Is an Ultra-Ultrabook. The notebook kingpin's new machine looks good and has the first Retina-class display on an.... The $1,499 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display has a slightly higher resolution (2560 x 1440 ... Toshiba Kirabook Keyboard Close-Up.. The design of Toshiba's high-end Kirabook hasn't changed since last year, but it's a lot better this time .... The Good Toshiba's Kirabook has a brilliant higher-res screen, powerful ... The Bad The basic look hasn't changed in the past couple of years,...


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